DIY wheel

30 10 2009

LOL I should be doing some work on the main rig but kinda got distracted with leo’s new board

Info on this nice bit of kit can be found here

So I started work on my own f1 wheel.

I just bought a few buttons (10 14 forgot how many lol)

next is getting a few of these

I will make it a bit of a mongrel between


And here is what has happened so far….

I must add that the inspiration to go ahead came from fab24 and his amazing wheel build…Big thanks!

His build info can be found here and here

He also has a fantastic PDF, DIY guide on how he made his wheel you can download it here


Update on work

29 10 2009

Been a little while since last post but work is still going….slowly but then again apart from wanting it to be over and done there isn’t any race to have it done.

Here is some of the work that has happen since last post.

I have started work on the air intake area of the car, unsure of sizes and true shape I kinda flying blind here so the plan is to get it to a point and then see how it looks…then reshape height if need be. It’s hard to tell at the moment as I haven’t molded on the front intake area, and once you add a bit of filler and sanding things look a lot different than in basic form.


As well as the air intake area I have also shaped and more detail work to the top part of the main cockpit area, I routed the edges and sanded to get a nice smooth finish. Around the high side head protection area I have add extra width and have started basic shaping and then continued this thru to the rear of the rig. I have also added a the area around wheel and sides of the cockpit area.


I have also been tinkering with seating position, this is such a tiny job in work terms but one of if not the most important part of the build…get this wrong and all the hard work would be a waste as it would be painful to drive for any length of time. So while I am using small pillows for some support in the future now I have the basic shape and position I can mould a proper seat and set that in.

I can now go about and fit in the inside paneling to give a nice clean look, for this I have 3mm mdf sheets, they have a bit of flexibility so should be able to run one whole sheet per side.

Oh I forgot to make mention I shaved down the under side of the font of the rig…up near the where feet are. I just felt it seemed to boxy and too big so while you wouldn’t know unless I mentioned it, to me now it seems a lot nicer and a little higher off the ground as well. This meant I had to readjust pedal position and a a few other things.

Below are a few pics of the work done. ( excuse the drawing you see all over the car, but my 3year old girl is in to graphic art 🙂 )

Next on the job list is to finish off headrest area, then make a removable headrest top cover for cockpit. Add the paneling inside the rig, sand and shape the start of the nose to blend into the cockpit area, then add the rest of the body work for the nose area.

I want to make a splitter soon more so for overall stability so the whole unit doesn’t tilt while if too much weight is placed on the front of the car. But that can wait a little while.

Stay tuned more to come soon..ish!

In goes the wheel

11 10 2009

Here is the wheel arrangement all hooked up and fastend securely. I am going to make my own wheel once the build is over but in the mean time this will do me quite well.

I will be looking for a cable connection to allow me to use a quick release mechanism again in the near future. I have locked the wheel onto the shaft at the moment but will be fixing it up to allow for QR mechanism to make getting in and out of the tub easier.

All going along nicely at the moment, and I have actualy hooked up the PC and taken it for a spin…I still have a few positioning tweaks to get it fully comfortable, but once in and on track it’s actualy quite good. I did take a while to get use to laying position and the new pedal location…and I had a few areas I need to iron out with wheel but thats pretty much sorted now.

I will now move on to making head rest, as well as the air box. But atleast I have something I can use for the next race 🙂


Adding the pedals

11 10 2009

In goes the home made pedals.

I was going to make some new ones and will soon but in the mean time I have used the ones out of my old sim.


Modding the FF wheel

7 10 2009

I have attached the cockpit altogether and to my surprise it is very stable and secure. I will return to doing more work on the frame soon but in the mean time I thought I would start work on the wheel.


I will be removing all the internals and further modding the inner workings soon but I have to get something up and running ASAP.

Because of the limited space inside the nose section I decided to trim down the plastic case of the Logitech Momo (black). Not terribly hard just had to be careful when cutting because I was to lazy to remove everything and then cut…No biggie nothing was damaged in the process.

I will also extend the length of the steering column. I have done this on my last build but the column was too heavy even though it ran on a set of pillow block bearings, so I was racking my brains for a cheap easy solution. I can’t belive I never thought of this before…I will use a go-kart steering column and 2 bosses to tie the unit into the FF end and the other for the wheel.

kart shaft

I have done a quick trial fitting, I haven’t connected everything properly yet, but you get the idea.


Trial fitting

5 10 2009

Seem to be ok happy so far, but still a way to go yet.


Nose section

5 10 2009

After cutting and test the main body section attention turned to the nose/footwell area of the build. This section gets narrower the longer it goes, and now will also have some shape work done on the top half of nose. While I have made an initial cut I wont do any more alteration to this area untill it is all connected so I can then see how it looks and what might look good…

I had originally planed a simple sloping box setup, but after the initial cutting it just didn’t seem right. So I then did a bit of drawing untill I was happier with the shape.



This was the original top and bottom to the nose area.



So once I reshaped the lower section making the underside of the nose to much more rounded, this made the floor area a lot higher off the ground. I then had to cut my floor section of the nose into 3pieces to follow the shape as best as I could. Not a major problem as I can always get a thinner piece of MDF that is more flexible to cover the cuts from the inside, and you wont really see them from the outside… I am personally am happy I went to the extra effort and made the under nose section more shapely, even though I had already cut the floor. But as I said no major drama’ all’s good. I have added a bit more pine bracing to strengthen the whole thing.



Here is the nose section test fitted to the front section of main body.


More soon….