2 10 2009

Welcome to my site.

I decided to create this blog to show case my latest project, a F1 inspired cockpit build.

I will endeavor to upload some pics on the progress tomorrow as I a m feeling a bit lazy to get up and find the cable at the moment.

Might also see if I can find some of my car skins I have done for various games and mods over the years as well, as it is something I have been meaning to do for years now.

Getting late, new update soon.

And thanks for reading!



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15 10 2009

Hi. I just stopped in at your site after seeing your entry at RSC. I like the ambitious cockpit you’re building! I am envious of the space you have for it, I live in Tokyo, and space is very limited. You mentioned that you were looking for a way to mold the body contours… I just happened to read this site yesterday, and I think his techniques for creating a large mockup might fit with what you are doing:
He basically made templates, and filled them with expanding foam. Sanded the foam to shape, and then covered it all in fiberglass. Could work.

I look forward to seeing how your project takes shape.


17 10 2009

Thanks mate, I am lucky I have a whole room for myself 🙂
Tokyo is one of the places I would love to visit one day…
I just checked out that site…and that is quite some build…plus yes that is a big help. I was thinking that was the way to go.
I’ll have an update soon, as the airbox and headrest work is underway.

Thanks for the link too!

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