5 10 2009

In last post it shows the main body of the cockpit. There will be 4 sections to the build all up. The 1st section cut will house (red area) airbox/fuel tank area of the car(behind driver), and the main seating area for driver (yellow area). The shape of this section is to incorporate the f1 regulations that require more protection for the drivers head from side impacts.


I will use the rear section of the cockpit (the area behind driver) to house the cpu, speaker,  amp and subwoofer.

As you can see in the following pictures, the main body is the yellow area, the only twist is in the yellow area there is a front and rear element. The front section of the yellow area is cut away at the bottom at an angle that then goes on and connects with the footwell/nose section ProfileTop(green area) of the cockpit. This front section also angles in towards what would be the drivers knees/the wheel. This is the main reason the main body is split into 2. I am using 18mm MDF and it doesn’t bend.


Here are some pics that I used to help with my overall design shape.

vracers002003lar_cockpitwilliams sim

vracers001001F1 Sim Imagepod4


Here is the front sections of the main body.



Here is main body trail fitted to floor section. Since this photo I have reduced the total width. You can see the front section laying on the floor after being cut. Further work I have done on this section of the body is to add pine bracing and I have used that to screw the pieces together, as well adding more strength to the whole unit.


More to come soon….



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