Nose section

5 10 2009

After cutting and test the main body section attention turned to the nose/footwell area of the build. This section gets narrower the longer it goes, and now will also have some shape work done on the top half of nose. While I have made an initial cut I wont do any more alteration to this area untill it is all connected so I can then see how it looks and what might look good…

I had originally planed a simple sloping box setup, but after the initial cutting it just didn’t seem right. So I then did a bit of drawing untill I was happier with the shape.



This was the original top and bottom to the nose area.



So once I reshaped the lower section making the underside of the nose to much more rounded, this made the floor area a lot higher off the ground. I then had to cut my floor section of the nose into 3pieces to follow the shape as best as I could. Not a major problem as I can always get a thinner piece of MDF that is more flexible to cover the cuts from the inside, and you wont really see them from the outside… I am personally am happy I went to the extra effort and made the under nose section more shapely, even though I had already cut the floor. But as I said no major drama’ all’s good. I have added a bit more pine bracing to strengthen the whole thing.



Here is the nose section test fitted to the front section of main body.


More soon….



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