Modding the FF wheel

7 10 2009

I have attached the cockpit altogether and to my surprise it is very stable and secure. I will return to doing more work on the frame soon but in the mean time I thought I would start work on the wheel.


I will be removing all the internals and further modding the inner workings soon but I have to get something up and running ASAP.

Because of the limited space inside the nose section I decided to trim down the plastic case of the Logitech Momo (black). Not terribly hard just had to be careful when cutting because I was to lazy to remove everything and then cut…No biggie nothing was damaged in the process.

I will also extend the length of the steering column. I have done this on my last build but the column was too heavy even though it ran on a set of pillow block bearings, so I was racking my brains for a cheap easy solution. I can’t belive I never thought of this before…I will use a go-kart steering column and 2 bosses to tie the unit into the FF end and the other for the wheel.

kart shaft

I have done a quick trial fitting, I haven’t connected everything properly yet, but you get the idea.




4 responses

11 10 2009

Have you considered hinging (hingeing?) the nose like an Antonov (but going sideways instead of up!) so that you can get in more easily? Or would that take away from the realism? 🙂

11 10 2009

I did think off a few ways of making it easier to get in and out, and I can hinge the nose due to steering shaft. I would have to long a run from FF base unit to the actual wheel itself.
It will still be a bit of a pain to get in and out off just due to the nature of it with any sort of fix…so I will live with it at the moment.

11 10 2009

I meant to hinge the entire nose including steering wheel and shaft, so you could basically just sit on the seat, and close it. Would be some considerable weight in the swinging section though, so it would probably need castered supporting wheel(s) or something… and might sacrifice some rigidity or introduce some undesirable noise or movement. Might also be difficult to close once you’re seated! But food for thought. 🙂

11 10 2009

I am going to pull the ff motor cogs etc from the plastic base and re mount once the body is done so maybe I could incorporate that idea a bit easier then.
I could mount the steering as a whole onto the ‘lid’ of the nose.

I like the idea, just I don’t think I could do it at the moment..but seem very do-able with a few tweaks.

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