In goes the wheel

11 10 2009

Here is the wheel arrangement all hooked up and fastend securely. I am going to make my own wheel once the build is over but in the mean time this will do me quite well.

I will be looking for a cable connection to allow me to use a quick release mechanism again in the near future. I have locked the wheel onto the shaft at the moment but will be fixing it up to allow for QR mechanism to make getting in and out of the tub easier.

All going along nicely at the moment, and I have actualy hooked up the PC and taken it for a spin…I still have a few positioning tweaks to get it fully comfortable, but once in and on track it’s actualy quite good. I did take a while to get use to laying position and the new pedal location…and I had a few areas I need to iron out with wheel but thats pretty much sorted now.

I will now move on to making head rest, as well as the air box. But atleast I have something I can use for the next race 🙂




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