Update on work

29 10 2009

Been a little while since last post but work is still going….slowly but then again apart from wanting it to be over and done there isn’t any race to have it done.

Here is some of the work that has happen since last post.

I have started work on the air intake area of the car, unsure of sizes and true shape I kinda flying blind here so the plan is to get it to a point and then see how it looks…then reshape height if need be. It’s hard to tell at the moment as I haven’t molded on the front intake area, and once you add a bit of filler and sanding things look a lot different than in basic form.


As well as the air intake area I have also shaped and more detail work to the top part of the main cockpit area, I routed the edges and sanded to get a nice smooth finish. Around the high side head protection area I have add extra width and have started basic shaping and then continued this thru to the rear of the rig. I have also added a the area around wheel and sides of the cockpit area.


I have also been tinkering with seating position, this is such a tiny job in work terms but one of if not the most important part of the build…get this wrong and all the hard work would be a waste as it would be painful to drive for any length of time. So while I am using small pillows for some support in the future now I have the basic shape and position I can mould a proper seat and set that in.

I can now go about and fit in the inside paneling to give a nice clean look, for this I have 3mm mdf sheets, they have a bit of flexibility so should be able to run one whole sheet per side.

Oh I forgot to make mention I shaved down the under side of the font of the rig…up near the where feet are. I just felt it seemed to boxy and too big so while you wouldn’t know unless I mentioned it, to me now it seems a lot nicer and a little higher off the ground as well. This meant I had to readjust pedal position and a a few other things.

Below are a few pics of the work done. ( excuse the drawing you see all over the car, but my 3year old girl is in to graphic art 🙂 )

Next on the job list is to finish off headrest area, then make a removable headrest top cover for cockpit. Add the paneling inside the rig, sand and shape the start of the nose to blend into the cockpit area, then add the rest of the body work for the nose area.

I want to make a splitter soon more so for overall stability so the whole unit doesn’t tilt while if too much weight is placed on the front of the car. But that can wait a little while.

Stay tuned more to come soon..ish!



2 responses

19 11 2009
Spyware Removal Tips

I only want to tell you thank you! for all the great info found on your blog, even helped me with my work recently 🙂 keep it up!

25 12 2009

Great stuff. That steering wheel looks awesome. Wish i had the know how as to be able to do something like this. The cockpit looks pretty cool as well.
Keep the pics coming, one day i might feel inspired to start up a similar project. Then again hell may freeze over before that happens.


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