DIY wheel

30 10 2009

LOL I should be doing some work on the main rig but kinda got distracted with leo’s new board

Info on this nice bit of kit can be found here

So I started work on my own f1 wheel.

I just bought a few buttons (10 14 forgot how many lol)

next is getting a few of these

I will make it a bit of a mongrel between


And here is what has happened so far….

I must add that the inspiration to go ahead came from fab24 and his amazing wheel build…Big thanks!

His build info can be found here and here

He also has a fantastic PDF, DIY guide on how he made his wheel you can download it here



3 responses

16 11 2009

Could you please give me the dimensions of the buttons. I need the diameter of the “press” area of the button (top) and how deep (long) is it. And, where did you bought them.

Thank you

16 11 2009

Hi mate,

The buttons are a great size, the cut out hole is 16mm.
I think the actual button is 14-15mm but the major thing is the depth of the button isn’t too big.

In the latest pics I posted today while poor quality 😦 they give you a better idea on there size in relation to hand and wheel.
Where to get them?…I trolled over a gazillion pages on the specialist electronic stores online and just become more confused so I checked out ebay and fell across these ones.
GBP 5.99
Approximately AU $10.73
For 7 buttons…

Hope that helps a little..

16 11 2009

Thank you very much for the info! I’m building a new wheel so I’m looking for alternative buttons. Buttons on my previous wheel were perfect, but too deep, I would like my new wheel a bit thiner.

Thank you again!

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