Cockpit detail

27 11 2009

I have been doing some  interia cockpit work, again pics are rubbish quality (sorry) but once I get a chance I will drag the thing outside and take some better pics with some good lighting.

It’s all a but rough looking as I haven’t done any cleaning up or sanding work yet. I will add a cover over the ‘arm rest area over the next day or so…then comes my favorite job (not) adding filler and sanding….


Wheel work

I finally received my rotary encoders so I added them to the wheel, they haven’t been hooked up yet though.

I am not sure if I will keep those dials/knobs and colour the top cap with different colours or go for the ones I originally wanted. The ones on now came with the encoders.

Good price too…10 units for $13..if they fail…who cares :), it also means I have a few that I can setup inside the cockpit and be able to use them for seat adjustment,  mirror adjustment…or something like that.

Clutch is next on the to do list, and I have  some carbon fiber stick on stuff waiting to be delivered…again still waiting on this..I wish people would just do as they say some times.


Engine cover/air intake

Again these pics were taken just after a trial fitting and look rough as guts as I haven’t finished it off yet.

What I have done from prior pictures is re-shape the back half of the unit. It never really looked right to me, so I cut and carved and came up with a shape I will be happy with once finished. You can see I have a little hollow section near the rear which needs a slight build up to finish the shape off correctly,  I was going to have to add fill anyways so it’s not an issue.

I really like the shape now.

More soon….


More pics

16 11 2009

I was asked a question about the buttons so I went and took a few pics to detail sizes etc, also took a pic of the inside paneling of main rig too.

I am sorry for pic quality but blame apple for that….

Wheel progress

16 11 2009

No major updates been a bit slow…

I did manage to add the inside paneling to rig, no pics of that yet though, and I will be doing a bit more work on rig this week. So I’ll update that when done.

Onto the wheel…

My buttons finally showed up so that spurred me into action, I routed out the inside of the rear cover, and marked out and drilled the holes for buttons. I also did a bit more shaping work on the front. I like the overall look of front now so I will finish tidying that up and then leave it till the carbon fiber film goes on. Oh I also am waiting on some rotary switches to show up…I was told yer we have them in stock only to order them to find out sorry they are out of stock will post them as soon as we have them.

I have also just started investigating how to setup paddles for gears and clutch on the back of the wheel, now armed with some plans I will get that going while waiting for rotary switches.

Anyways not many pics but here is a few just to keep up todate…Should have more action shots later this week.

I haven’t added all the buttons in those pics but when I do I will still be left with a few spare, which works out great as I ca use them to add a small button panel inside the cockpit.

Really happy with buttons, great size and seem to have a nice action too. Not to flimsy but not a million dollar item either.

Wheel update

5 11 2009

Just an update on the  progress…

I haven’t done much on main rig lately but I have been able to do a bit of work on my wheel.

The buttons I ordered haven’t shown up yet…grrrr but atleast this gives me time to do the work need to have a usable wheel. While not a terribly hard job it is something that takes a fair bit of time and patients to do. And then repeat on on the other side to make it look similar if not the same. 🙂

Also I don’t have one of those dremels either which would make life so much easier LOL so most shaping after initial cutting has been done by hand.

Enough talk here is some pics