Wheel progress

16 11 2009

No major updates been a bit slow…

I did manage to add the inside paneling to rig, no pics of that yet though, and I will be doing a bit more work on rig this week. So I’ll update that when done.

Onto the wheel…

My buttons finally showed up so that spurred me into action, I routed out the inside of the rear cover, and marked out and drilled the holes for buttons. I also did a bit more shaping work on the front. I like the overall look of front now so I will finish tidying that up and then leave it till the carbon fiber film goes on. Oh I also am waiting on some rotary switches to show up…I was told yer we have them in stock only to order them to find out sorry they are out of stock will post them as soon as we have them.

I have also just started investigating how to setup paddles for gears and clutch on the back of the wheel, now armed with some plans I will get that going while waiting for rotary switches.

Anyways not many pics but here is a few just to keep up todate…Should have more action shots later this week.

I haven’t added all the buttons in those pics but when I do I will still be left with a few spare, which works out great as I ca use them to add a small button panel inside the cockpit.

Really happy with buttons, great size and seem to have a nice action too. Not to flimsy but not a million dollar item either.



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