Cockpit detail

27 11 2009

I have been doing some  interia cockpit work, again pics are rubbish quality (sorry) but once I get a chance I will drag the thing outside and take some better pics with some good lighting.

It’s all a but rough looking as I haven’t done any cleaning up or sanding work yet. I will add a cover over the ‘arm rest area over the next day or so…then comes my favorite job (not) adding filler and sanding….


Wheel work

I finally received my rotary encoders so I added them to the wheel, they haven’t been hooked up yet though.

I am not sure if I will keep those dials/knobs and colour the top cap with different colours or go for the ones I originally wanted. The ones on now came with the encoders.

Good price too…10 units for $13..if they fail…who cares :), it also means I have a few that I can setup inside the cockpit and be able to use them for seat adjustment,  mirror adjustment…or something like that.

Clutch is next on the to do list, and I have  some carbon fiber stick on stuff waiting to be delivered…again still waiting on this..I wish people would just do as they say some times.


Engine cover/air intake

Again these pics were taken just after a trial fitting and look rough as guts as I haven’t finished it off yet.

What I have done from prior pictures is re-shape the back half of the unit. It never really looked right to me, so I cut and carved and came up with a shape I will be happy with once finished. You can see I have a little hollow section near the rear which needs a slight build up to finish the shape off correctly,  I was going to have to add fill anyways so it’s not an issue.

I really like the shape now.

More soon….



2 responses

1 12 2009

Looking great… so are you sitting directly on the MDF, or do you plan to build your own seat padding? Or do you have a standard seat that’s going to fit in to it (although looks a bit short of space for that to me)?

2 12 2009

Going to pour and mold a seat nearing the completion of the build, but even now it’s quite comfortable…I just use a pillow for a bit of lumber support really.

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