2 12 2009

Hi all just small update of work done.

Pulled wheel apart to finish it….

Spent my time sanding and priming the front half of the wheel and then gave it a few coast of gloss black.

I think it come up pretty good, not to worried about the handles as I will glue some leather or rubber on them. Not bad for $3 can of spray paint 🙂


I also had to add the covering for cockpit infill or armrest area as it was majorly painful to use the sim with out some once I put it in, my elbows would graze the edges and scrap…now it great.

I have plenty of room to turn wheel with out fouling against the area but I can also use it to rest or brace the elbows/arms on straights and long corners.

Amazing how pic quality changes from outside light to inside light… 😦


I have also being a tight ass decided to hack a usb numerical pad to use more button options…Highly recommend do this mod if you have the time to put aside to figure it all out.

I was fairly crapping myself even thinking of dong this but after I realized I would only be screwing up a $5 keyboard I felt a little more at ease. Also to say  my soldering skill aren’t that good would be putting it mildly but even this knob managed to do it.

Then I semi traced all the lines to keys before hand so I knew what most of the keystrokes would do…but  then I had to methodically go thru and work it all out just to make sure.

So now I have a 20 button usb encoder to use…and it will be great as it will cut down the amount of wires that is slowly building up.

This is my highly sientific method to mapout keystrokes…..

And just to show the behind the scene mess I have created….LOL

ummm wife = not happy!

Dont worry dear I’ll clean it up….I need to I only have a 20cm by 20cm work space to move the mouse….

Oh nearly forgot I bought some of this stuff for the wheel…..

And wish I didn’t bother….it looks a treat, but this stuff is useless, it won’t stick properly it doesn’t mold at all. It would be excellent if you wanted to cover a book or something flat and that’s about it. I spent ages preparing surface and then going slowly but a total wast of money and waste of my time.  Grrrrrrrrrrr



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