9 12 2009

Just a few pics of wheel and me and my floral boardies inside the cockpit…:)

I managed to paint the wheel and rebuild it using the hacked usb number pad I posted about last time. Amazing amount of wires inside the wheel, but more amazing (well to me ) is the the lack of wires coming out…got to love usb devices!

Not finished with wheel just yet, got to make up some decals for buttons, get better knobs, and make provision to have wires travel up the steering column, and connect via QR din style of connection. But that sort of stuff doesn’t need to happen right away. Next plan while I have the soldering bug is to add internal buttons for functions like seat adjustment,  starter, exit etc things I wouldn’t use mid race. These will go nicely on dash bulkhead and on the upper armrest areas.

Enough talk here’s some pics.



4 responses

9 12 2009

Err… nice shorts… 😉

Will you have a keyboard within reach? If so, where?

9 12 2009

at the moment it on the chair and you have to lean out and try and reach the keys via braille…
I dont often chat in a race or prac sessions (as you would have noticed :)) so reaching keyboard won’t be an issue once I get the other buttons connected inside the cockpit.
They will be for the esc, seat/mirrors, quick chat etc all the stuff you would use the keyboard for…apart from typing.
Might keep an eye out for a mini board to use in car if ever needed though…

9 12 2009

Hey iPlayz, looking great! I wish I had your free-time and space, but I continue to plan my dream wheel. I came across this supplier, and they have a retail outlet near me, so I will go this weekend and check out their stuff. The components are very reasonably priced. I picked up one of their rotary knobs for $2 from a different store. Take a look, and let me know if you want to order any (5 different color top inserts!)


10 12 2009

cool…top find!
I’m just off to have a more detailed look…

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