Triple Monitor Stand

23 02 2010

In the great tradition of the home handyman I decided to have a crack at making my own monitor stand….Armed with local hardware supplies and one old monitor stand I got underway.

I thought for a short while that I was going to pull it off, but after getting to the point of screwing on the monitor, it was clear that I had FAILED.

The side monitors were drooping badly and were touching the desk LOL….so I was left with a useless weird looking sculpture. Hang on maybe I should investigate how much to get some one to weld me up something exactly like this….so off I went with my “prototype” and went door knocking to a few local shops. One place wanted $180 and another over $200, I thought stuff that and was going to give in and buy one of those monitor stands from some one on the net. When I went past one last shop so I dived in and after a short chat deal was done for $50.

I went back home and did a double check on measurements, and took the prototype back to be built.

I must say I was a bit concerned how it was going to turn out as I gave a fairly open brief but I knew it couldn’t go to wrong as I had a full scale model as reference for them. As it turned out it was better than expected.

Now as I connecting up the monitors together I stuffed up with my accurate measuring…by a few cm….I would have been ok if I didn’t go and re-measure and just left them as it was originally LOL. Anyways I managed to work around that and fit the monitor on with a little diy…ugly but good thing is you dont get to see it from the front đŸ™‚ I am going to fancy up the base with some MDF when ever I get around to it but for the mean time it does what it needs to do and that is hold 3 screens and move from desk to sim and back again.

I am planing to make a more intricate version now I have this one up and running…which means I can use it on race nights, while I design and get the fancy one built, and considering the cost of some of the triple monitors stands on the market I may even make a few and see if anyone is interested in buying them. I doubt they will cost $50 bucks but they will be considerably less than 99.99% of the other ones on the market.

The next one will have hinges, a nice base, QR height adjustable stand, and cable guides…etc,  more on that as it happens.

So here it is, not anything too brilliant  but it is perfect for me at the moment.

My “Prototype”

The Beast!


Hi all…

5 02 2010

Here is just some update pics, mainly on screens.

I got 3 x 19′ acer for $110.00 so While I wanted 3 screens the same size the price was too good.

I’ll fill in some blanks on work soon.