best measurements I can do at moment…

12 07 2014

wpid-img_20140712_134244.jpg wpid-img_20140712_134619.jpg wpid-img_20140712_134530.jpg wpid-img_20140712_134504.jpg wpid-img_20140712_134427.jpg wpid-img_20140712_134319.jpg wpid-img_20140712_134143.jpg wpid-img_20140712_135044.jpg wpid-img_20140712_135006.jpg wpid-img_20140712_134939.jpg wpid-img_20140712_134850.jpg wpid-img_20140712_134830.jpg wpid-img_20140712_134817.jpg wpid-img_20140712_134725.jpg wpid-img_20140712_134657.jpg wpid-img_20140712_135614.jpg wpid-img_20140712_135501.jpg wpid-img_20140712_135425.jpg wpid-img_20140712_135347.jpg wpid-img_20140712_135317.jpg wpid-img_20140712_135215.jpg wpid-img_20140712_140246.jpg wpid-img_20140712_140213.jpg wpid-img_20140712_140156.jpg wpid-img_20140712_140100.jpg wpid-img_20140712_140040.jpg wpid-img_20140712_135957.jpg wpid-img_20140712_135902.jpg wpid-img_20140712_135851.jpg wpid-img_20140712_135711.jpgI hope these pics help some one in some way…kinda over it….tried to get all the bends and joins..etc…




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